Long-lasting mosquito nets work (but kids need better protection)

Pleased to report that Dohyeong Kim and I, along with Gi-geun Yang and Anh Pham, have published another long-churning manuscript, and on that I think is quite valuable in enforcing malaria control programs with the use of nets.

This meta-analysis underscores how hard it is to protect children from malaria (by getting them to sleep under nets). Given that today is my daughters 4th birthday, I know how hard it is to get children under five to sleep in their own beds 🎉😯


Yang GG, Kim D, Pham A, Paul CJ. 2018. A Meta-Regression Analysis of the Effectiveness of Mosquito Nets for Malaria Control: The Value of Long-Lasting Insecticide Nets. International Journal of Environmental Research in Public Health 15(3):546.