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Ray Eurquhart Oral History

Friends, I’ve had an amazing experience in writing, history, and teaching I’d love to share:

An incredible person and civil rights stalwart, Ray Eurquhart, passed away March 30th, and I remembered fondly getting to know him as a student activist. I interviewed him for an oral history class, but hadn’t looked back at my files. I was surprised then, when I was told my project was listed in the Duke Archives and they were looking to gather materials on Ray for his memorial. Fortunately, I still had my files as the archives (and audio tapes) are current inaccessible, and was moved by Ray’s story as I re-read it, and the way that this undergrad project I did nearly 20 years ago is still growing me. This quality and the fact that it was properly archived, is thanks to the incredible teaching of my dear professor, Charlie Thompson. It goes to show that a true teacher influences their students to grow far and long beyond the classroom.

I hope you might want to read Brother Ray’s story too, and remember this incredible Durham citizen:

Can Ethiopia be resilient?

In my latest paper, I explore the development of Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy in the period 2011-2014. Ethiopia, currently is under tremendous political pressure and change, which makes the resilience of its economy and society even more important.

Christopher John Paul & Erika Weinthal (2018) The development of Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy 2011–2014: implications for rural adaptation, Climate and Development, DOI: 10.1080/17565529.2018.1442802